Watch Conan O’Brien Poke Fun at Microsoft Buying ‘Minecraft’

By | 2 years ago 

There’s no denying that the recent acquisition of Minecraft developer Mojang by Microsoft is one of the biggest video game-related happenings in recent months. In fact, some would argue that this could be one of the biggest events of the current generation, depending on how Microsoft chooses to leverage their $2.5 billion property.

For Mojang, this $2.5 billion payday not only validates the hard work that went into building the Minecraft brand but also gives them the freedom to do almost anything they want. They could fund indie projects, invest in new gameplay experiences, or even put the money away for safekeeping – it’s all possible.

Conan O’Brien, however, seems to have a different vision for how the folks at Mojang will spend that money. In a recent skit on his late night talk show, Conan envisions what the creator of Minecraft might do with the money, and let us just say it doesn’t involve saving it away.

As readers can see in the video above, Conan imagines the creator of Minecraft to be a brick-based citizen not unlike players’ avatars in game. He also envisions a world where Minecraft strip clubs are possible, which is a bit frightening if you think about it.

Obviously, Conan is simply poking fun at what is otherwise a really big event in the tech industry. Even so, the fact that a late night talk show host is even mentioning the acquisition truly says a lot about how important this sale is. Not to mention, it gives Conan yet another chance to appeal to gamers, a demographic he quite often pursues through his Clueless Gamer skits.

Although O’Brien isn’t a gamer by nature, watching him struggle his way through titles like Super Smash Bros. and Watch Dogs is endlessly entertaining. Surprisingly, Conan has some interesting insights into game development, albeit from an outsider’s perspective. He not only criticizes the absurdity of certain design choices, like the uber violent kill cams for Lara Croft, but also praises a game that strikes him as unique. It’s for that reason that he can get away with poking fun at a billion dollar franchise like Minecraft.

How would you celebrate a $2.5 billion payday? Do you think Microsoft over or underpaid for the rights to Minecraft?


Source: Conan