SEGA Says Kinect Games to be “More Clever and Sophisticated” Next E3

By | 6 years ago 

Microsoft Kinect

What we have seen from Microsoft’s high-tech motion camera, Kinect, may have some of you worried that the Xbox 360 is refocusing on the casual market. According to SEGA that thought should be rendered null and void. CVG recently conducted an interview with SEGA West President Mike Hayes, and Hayes says that the hardcore gamers were being a “little harsh” towards Kinect. At next year’s E3 we should look forward to seeing more “clever and sophisticated” use of the new technology.

“My guess is when we’re at E3 next year, more of the features of Kinect will be in use by developers. I think you’ll find more clever and sophisticated applications then. It is a reasonably complicated piece of kit, therefore it’s going to take us longer to use all of those aspects in a game. We’re not going to be able to develop something [for the hardcore] in under a year, which is frankly what we’ve had.”

There you have it folks, the Kinect will gain some more mature content but it’s going to take a little while longer. I honestly don’t know what kind of “hardcore” games you can make with the Kinect, because the device doesn’t allow you to control your character with the same precision of a controller.

Even Sony has addressed that problem with the Move by giving the the controller its own separate joystick. That being said, maybe if we ask really nicely SEGA could bring back their MadWorld series on the new device… that would be beyond awesome.

Microsoft’s Kinect is set to release this November and it has an anticipated price point of $150.

What do you think about the Kinect’s lack of “hardcore” games? Do you think it’s possible that Kinect could have a fun “hardcore” game?

Source: CVG