Microsoft Attempting to Quadruple Kinect's Accuracy

Kinect Increases Accuracy

The Kinect technology is certainly an awesome sight to behold, but it's not as accurate as some owners may like. Apparently, it's not as precise as Microsoft was hoping either and that's why they are already hard at work trying to quadruple the Xbox 360 add-on's accuracy. This news comes straight from European juggernaut, Eurogamer, who are reporting that the Kinect team is allegedly working "very hard" to up the accuracy of the Kinect.

This upgrade is being worked on by compressing and/or switching the data that passes through the Xbox 360 and its new motion camera. Kinect, as it currently sits, is limited to approximately 30 frames per second with a resolution limit of 320x240. What they're attempting to do is quadruple the Kinect's motion sensor accuracy and thereby bump up its resolution to 640x480. An upgrade this significant could allow the device to detect much more of the player's movements, down to the fingers and wrist movements as Eurogamer points out. This would offer a vast increase in opportunities for devs in terms of game creation.

A Kinect with four times the accuracy may sound like owners will have to buy a newer unit down the road to enjoy these new features, but luckily that's not the case at all. The Kinect and its features are upgraded via firmware, which in layman's terms means that Microsoft can increase the Kinect's accuracy by simply releasing an update via Xbox Live. Not only with Kinect, but for its games too. Depending on when the update hits, Rare could release a patch for Kinect Sports that allows players to actually use their wrist in ping pong to strategically give the ball more spin.

The one problem that this enhancement may pose is that it could increase the amount of lag found with Kinect games. The Kinect is already mildly delayed with player performed actions, so Microsoft would need to cut down the lag time before they implement such updates.

There's no word on when these updates are set to take place, but it likely won't be for a while. In the meantime, keep reading Game Rant to stay informed on the latest goings-on with Kinect and everything else.

Does quadrupling the Kinect's accuracy entice you to purchase the device? Would you go back and play upgraded Kinect titles with four times the accuracy?

Source: Eurogamer

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