It easy to forget that earlier Halo games were on the PC at one point, but that’s because, at least these days, when you hear ‘Halo,’ you think of an Xbox console. The Halo: Master Chief Collection, which packs together the four core Halo games that star Master Chief, would be a great place to bring PC fans back into the fold (since Microsoft also owns PCs) but the company hasn’t taken advantage of the opportunity. What better game to use those new Xbox One PC controllers on than Halo?

Speaking to Kotaku, 343 Industries Executive Producer Dan Ayoub explains that, while the desires of PC fans haven’t gone unheard, the Xbox One version of the Halo collection is the “main focus right now. That’s quite honestly where all our headspace is right now.”

Ayoub continues by explaining that console ports and HD remasters are no easy task, contrary to what people may think; even less so when there are multiple games to worry about.

“From a technical standpoint, you look at the architecture of the Xbox One and there are some similarities to the architecture of a modern PC. That certainly makes that sort of cross-platform development easier. But beyond that the ease goes away. Master Chief Collection is massive. We have to coordinate four games, 100-plus maps, a lot of new cinematics, and Halo 2 Anniversary.”

This may all sound a bit disappointing to PC players still holding out for Halo on PC, especially since Halo and Halo 2 have made they way to the platform in the past, but Ayoub nor Microsoft have completely dismissed the idea. If anything, it’s something that’ll take more time to produce. Microsoft has said before they’re committed to PC gaming and providing better support, and in the last month previous Xbox One exclusives have begun making their way to PC; look no further than the PC releases of Dead Rising 3 and Ryse: Son of Rome for proof of that.

But the PC community should definitely keep doing what their doing with the Halo series though, because 343 has certainly taken note of their dedication, as well as the numerous PCs out there. One notable fan project that’s gaining traction is Project-Contingency: a fan-made, free-to-play Halo game that runs on CryEngine 3.

“That’s one of the things I love about the PC community. You’ve got so many cool things going on [with fans]. And then you’ve got the breadth; PCs are everywhere all over the planet. Obviously as part of Microsoft PCs are part of our business. When you look at that market and community, there’s almost limitless possibilities in terms of what we can do.”

Halo: The Master Chief Collection releases on November 11, 2014 for Xbox One.

Source: Kotaku