Microsoft’s Gamescom Conference Will Stream On Xbox Live

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With plenty of game trailers and announcements set to take place at Gamescom this August, companies will be vying to make sure their press conferences are the ones gamers tune in to see. Microsoft is hoping to sway Xbox fans with a new offer to stream the conference straight from their consoles via Xbox Live, or even from the website during the event.

The conference is slated to to take place on August 4 at 10am PT in Cologne, Germany. The time zone difference may not give all fans the most friendly viewing times, but it’s nice to know those without cable, or potentially even a computer, will be able to stream it without issue.

The Microsoft Press Conference has several games already confirmed, including Scalebound, Crackdown and Quantum Break, all three of which skipped E3 2015 so that their respective studios could focus on Gamescom-exclusive content. Xbox boss Phil Spencer was also very positive about the progress Scalebound has made ahead of Gamescom this year.

Conversely, things have looked much shakier for Remedy Entertainment’s Quantum Break, which was recently delayed until next year. The studio’s CEO recently jumped ship to another company, and many will be curious to see how the game shapes up during its time under the spotlight at the Gamescom conference.

Gamescom Quantum Break

Spencer also confirmed that Sea of Thieves and Recore, two Microsoft exclusives, will not be appearing at the Germany-based conference. In a tweet, the Xbox head-honcho explained that “another demo so close to E3 is just tough on production”. The two absent games were both revealed during E3 2015 this year, so it’s not surprising that they wouldn’t have anything else to show so shortly after their debut teasers.

For the first time since the event’s creation in 2009, rival brand Sony will be skipping out on Gamescom entirely, explaining that the event is taking place too close to E3 2015, which essentially states the same reasoning that Phil Spencer himself gave for Xbox’s own absences. With virtually full reign on the console front, Microsoft will certainly want to hit Gamescom with all pistons firing, and we hope to see some great announcements rise from the conference.

Just last week, it was confirmed that Fallout 4 will be present at the Gamescom. The fan-favorite title made waves during the Bethesda conference this year, and will ship to store shelves everywhere this November.

What do you think about Gamescom 2015, Ranters? Do you think Microsoft will make waves?

Source: GameSpot