What is Microsoft’s ‘Fusion’?

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What Is Microsoft Fusion

With E3 2011 coming up, it’s no surprise that companies like Microsoft are keeping tight-lipped regarding what their big announcements will be, whether new titles or new ways to enhance the experience provided by the Xbox 360. There’s really no way to know what kind of surprises Microsoft has hidden in their sleeves. Three recent trademarks may provide some insight into what gamers can expect in the coming weeks.

On March 25, 2011 three trademarks were filed by Microsoft in the United States, all containing the word “Fusion.” The titles are Fusion Genesis, Fusion Sentient, and Fusion Vault.

Readers may notice the first title as the name of a game which was recently submitted to the Australian Classification Board. While this confirms that Fusion Genesis will indeed be a game, possibly for Kinect, what does this mean for the other two titles?

While absolutely nothing aside from their names is known, there are many different possibilities regarding these remaining two titles. First and foremost is the possibility that since Fusion Genesis is the title of an upcoming Microsoft game, Sentient and Vault may in fact be the two other parts of a trilogy. With the word genesis meaning the beginning or origin of something, it would make sense that it was a part of a series. The other two words though, may hint at different implementations.

Sentient refers to a conscious sense of perception. While this would make sense as a Kinect game, since the device is in a constant state of perception, it seems as though it would be odd to focus on that trait after the device has been out for this long. Rather, it could be the name of an application or technology used by Kinect, like their upcoming facial recognition. Perhaps using the Kinect camera and actions to bring a creature to life?

The third title includes the word vault; jumping or leaping over something, which could also hint at a future Kinect game. But more interestingly, could the term be used to describe a large safe, containing important information? With the recent advent of storing information on cloud servers this could be Microsoft’s move into the field, unveiling a new service.

Looking at this information then, it seem they could be referring to secret game projects, or as upcoming services that Microsoft will offer. If the latter turns out to be true though, what could the sharing of the term “Fusion” mean? Could this be the name of a new Microsoft console that will make use of these services? Could these services themselves be combined in some way to attribute for the use of the word fusion?

There’s no way to know just yet. You can be sure that when Microsoft makes their appearance at E3 in the coming weeks though, that they will have more than a few big surprises for gamers.

What do you think Fusion Genesis, Fusion Sentient and Fusion Vault are? Do you think we will be seeing them make an appearance at this year’s E3?

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