It’s no secret that Microsoft is trying to make a big push following the recent troubles over at Sony, and they’ve just announced a student-centered deal which will be giving away Xbox 360 consoles to students.

With this sales boost attempt coming, just a day after the PayPal announcement and $9.99 3 month Xbox Live deals, a noticeable jump in sales is pretty likely.

Let’s take a look at the current deal:

Get a free Xbox 360 4GB console with the purchase of a Windows 7 PC $699 or more, at participating retailers in the US from 5/23-9/3 or while supplies last. Verification of student status required. See participating retailers for full details.

If you’re a student in the market for a new laptop for college, this is a pretty enticing option – though it’s likely not the best bonus, if you’re serious about your studies.

Either way, an entire console seems like a pretty good thing. Game Rant crew members who are still completing college-work can confirm: Both a laptop and Xbox 360 are used extensively during any regular stay at University.

Microsoft even made a nice little video to celebrate the deal:


Of course, such an awesome deal would be hard to get extended to a worldwide market, so it’s only in the United States and Canada that such offers are available. Here’s the Microsoft Store Locator if you want to take a look at their options!

Microsoft is certainly making a noticeable push as they attempt to scrape off some of Sony’s market share in light of recent events. We may never know how much Microsoft benefited from Sony’s bad press but it’s safe to say nobody is going to complain about a company giving away free consoles. In this kind of situation, everybody wins – so let’s just celebrate students getting free stuff. Since, if you’ve ever been a student, you know how tight money can be.

You’ve got until September 3rd to purchase a laptop – which is plenty of time to consider your options. Just make sure the store you’re buying from still has a stock of Xbox 360s to give away with their computers – as this is a sale that’s likely to attract some solid attention.

What do you think about the current Microsoft deal? Would you consider one of Microsoft’s PC offer options if a free Xbox 360 were attached?