Phil Spencer takes to Twitter in an attempt to explain the shortage of Xbox One Elite Controllers available for holiday shoppers during the upcoming month.

The Xbox One Elite Controller is designed to be a high-end item for hardcore gamers who want to customize their playing experience. Despite the suggested limited market of consumers and the high price tag, the Xbox One Elite Controller has become incredibly popular and sold out almost immediately after being released. In response to questions about the limited quantities available, Microsoft explains that the company just didn’t anticipate this level of demand for the luxury item.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer took to Twitter recently to address some questions concerning the lack of available stock during the holiday shopping season. Spencer acknowledged that the company is out of stock on the $150 peripheral and promises that Microsoft is “working to get more in stock.”

Spencer went on to field a few specific questions about the shortage and attempt to ease the minds of gamers who want to control their Xbox One’s in style. When asked if the shortage would be resolved by Christmas, Spencer wasn’t confident enough to give a yes or no answer…

“It’s tough, as I don’t want to over-promise… Demand has just exceeded our planning. If you find one and you want it, pick it up, sorry.”


The initial reveal of the Elite left much of the community underwhelmed, but players who have had hands on time with the controller, including us (read our reaction to the controller here), are sold on the device. Many gamers will be disappointed to hear that the current estimated shipping date from the Microsoft store is December 28. Extra eager gamers with some money to drop can get a hand on the controller by purchase the $500 Xbox One Elite model. The bundle includes an Xbox One console with a 1 TB hard drive and the Elite Controller.

The bundle is a great option for consumers who don’t already own an Xbox One or are looking to upgrade, but unfortunately it isn’t a realistic option for the majority of Xbox One players. For now, most gamers will be stuck waiting until the new year to pick up the new controller, but hopefully the clear demand for the controller will help Microsoft make sure that the upcoming batch is large enough to meet expectations.¬†Players can resort to the secondary market if they are extra desperate and willing to overpay, but we recommend sitting tight and waiting for the next shipment.

Did you purchase the Elite Controller yet? If not, are you planning on hunting one down? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Twitter