Microsoft is Finally Bringing Some of Its Exclusives to Steam


For the longest time, PC gamers interested in trying out Microsoft exclusives like Recore: Definitive Edition who were wary of using the Windows store had no other option, as those games weren't available on other digital distribution platforms like Steam. However, a recent announcement from the company revealed that is about to change.

Microsoft is teaming up with THQ Nordic to help bring some of its exclusive titles to Steam. Right now, only a handful of games are being made available through the platform. This includes the previously mentioned Recore: Definitive Edition, with the other Microsoft exclusive titles making their way to Steam being Disneyland Adventures, Rush: A Disney-Pixar Adventure, Super Lucky's Tale, and Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection.


According to the Steam pages for these games, they will be hitting the platform on September 14, but no prices are listed yet. So far, these have been the only exclusives Microsoft and THQ Nordic have announced to be coming to Steam. There haven't been any mentions of flagship titles like Gears of War making the jump to the platform, at least as of now.

Microsoft could just be testing the waters to see if branching out and releasing their exclusives through other distribution channels will help sales of its games. Many have attributed the lack of commercial success for some of the exclusive titles to the company's decision to make them only available through the Windows store. While Steam's user count has dropped since the beginning of the year, it still has quite a large base, meaning more opportunities for potential sales.

Of course, Microsoft isn't the only company that hasn't made its games available on other platforms like Steam. For instance, Blizzard currently does it with its PC titles, with the digital versions of games like Overwatch and World of Warcraft purchasable through the Blizzard Store with a account. Blizzard, however, hasn't had as much of an issue with games not selling well, so there hasn't been a need to release them on other digital distribution platforms. So, it looks like only time will tell whether this move will be beneficial enough for Microsoft to start releasing more titles through Steam or not.

Source: Windows Central

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