Another leak hits just before Microsoft’s E3 presentation and spoils the company’s full list of reveals and plans; including hardware, AAA games, and indie titles.

Microsoft’s E3 plans have been plagued by leaks over the last few days. From the reveal of the slim console to the lower price point, Nerd_Leaks has been stealing the Xbox show from the company before it can even take the stage. Just an hour before Microsoft goes live, one last leak spoils the entire lineup of talking points that the company has planned.

If the list is accurate, then we now know almost everything Microsoft is going to share on stage at E3 2016. If you prefer to avoid spoilers and find everything out officially in the moment, we suggest you do not read on. Seriously.

Here’s the list of talking points according to the leak…

-Xbox One S
-Game (Excl&Mob)
[email protected]
-Game (Multi)
-Big Game
-Big Game
-Small(?) Game
-Medium Game
-Big Game
-Project Scorpio

Xbox One Slim Leaked

As you can see, the list matches up pretty closely with what everyone has been predicting. The company will start and close with hardware updates. It sounds like Microsoft won’t offer many details about Project Scorpio, so the closing moments will probably just be the official reveal and maybe a vague release window if we’re lucky.

There are still some surprises in store since the leak list labels some segments as ‘big game, small game, and medium game.’ Hopefully these are some new Xbox One exclusives that can act as console sellers and help the Xbox One get back on the right track. If we had to guess, a new Crackdown¬†announcement will be one of the big games that is still a mystery.

What do you think of the plans for Microsoft’s E3 presentation? How do you feel about everything being leaked ahead of the show? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Nerd_Leaks