Microsoft Will Reveal New IP, Focus on First Party at E3 2015

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Every year at E3, developers and publishers have a chance to put their most exciting upcoming projects on display for the whole gaming community to see. The summer event usually features the announcements of some of the biggest end of year games and lots more that are to come in the following year. At the last few E3’s, Microsoft has taken some heat for focusing too much on the Xbox One’s non-gaming features or third-party, non exclusive-games; but this time around the company is switching things up.

Although the Xbox One has been doing well in sales and has caught up to the PS4 after a bit of a rocky start, the console is still lacking a major selling point. The system’s hardware is just a touch less powerful than the PS4’s and the Kinect is not enough of a game changer to win over consumers who are still on the fence. The company does have Halo 5 to lean on this holiday season, but going forward, it will need more than just Master Chief to stand out from the crowd in the current console generation.

Microsoft’s head of the Xbox division, Phil Spencer, revealed the company’s new strategy for E3 2015 on Twitter:

The plan is definitely good news for current Xbox One owners and, depending on the types of announcements the company has lined up, the new IP (or IPs) may help offer the proper motivation to gamers who have been reluctant to upgrade from the previous-gen.

Spencer went on to explain that, “This is going to be a fun year… I think it might be our best 1st party content year ever.”

Some gamers still shake their heads at exclusive titles, but pushing out games like Halo 5, Fable, and a new Gears of War is what will help the Xbox One stay on par with the PS4. Although most Xbox fans would be happy to return to any of those franchises, the introduction of a new IP has the chance to appeal to even more gamers.

Currently, the Xbox One is lacking a few key genres as far as AAA titles go. The console doesn’t have a stand out exclusive platformer, despite having lots of great adventure and platforming games available via the Xbox Store. Those games scratch the itch for Xbox One owners, but the opportunity to play them on Steam instead (usually at a cheaper price) doesn’t make them a selling point for the console. Xbox One also lacks an exclusive RPG, so a new property in either of those genres could help make the Xbox One’s third year it’s most successful.

Microsoft Xbox One E3 2014 Press Conference

The Wii U takes a lot of criticism for being slow out of the gate in terms of exclusives like Star Fox, Smash Bros., and Zelda, but the Xbox One could definitely pick up the pace on that front, as well. The console got off to a decent start with Forza and a few other launch titles, but the vast majority of the console’s library can be played on either PS4 or PC, as well. The next year should offer the chance at a comeback as we see Halo 5, Quantum Break, Gears of War, and eventually this new IP hit the shelves.

What kind of new IP would you like to see Microsoft announce? Do you think it will be a platformer or an RPG? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Twitter