Microsoft‘s E3 2017 press conference is not long from now, and fans can tune into the live event’s coverage today, June 11, 2017, starting at 2:00 PM PDT / 5:00 PM EDT. While Microsoft‘s presentation at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo will surely please diehard Xbox acolytes, the company will definitely need to pull out some showstopping announcements to outshine its competition.

As it currently stands, the main course of Microsoft’s showcase will likely be its powerful new console, Project Scorpio, and the company is expected to finally reveal its official name, price, and release date at the event. The system was initially revealed at the end of the tech firm’s E3 2017 exhibition, and it has since provided a lot of information about the hardware’s capabilities with official specs, so Phil Spencer might kick this year’s presentation off by revealing all of the remaining details left to share about the console.

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Although there are definitely plenty of Microsoft fans looking forward to getting a bigger scoop on Project Scorpio, the enhanced Xbox is going to need support in the form of some solid exclusive titles, and hopefully the company has plenty of surprises on standby. The likeliest candidates to be shown during the tech firm’s E3 presentation, though, will be Forza Motorsport 7 displaying the might and realistic visuals of Project Scorpio, with Crackdown 3 and Sea of Thieves potentially getting their release dates confirmed, and State of Decay 2 having its own announcement, too.

Beyond video game reveals, Microsoft is also likely to further promote its live streaming service known as Mixer (formerly Beam). After all, it recently divulged some details regarding the service such as its co-streaming technology, and there could be an incentive for the company to offer a follow-up look at the live streaming venture with a more in-depth presentation during E3.

Taking all of this into account, Microsoft fans can only hope for the company to make the most of its E3 2017 press conference, as many would argue that the dearth in exclusive releases provided for the Xbox thus far have been detrimental to the console’s growth. Of course, with the Electronic Entertainment Expo being one of the most highly visible events in the gaming industry, the company surely has some exciting announcements in store for those in attendance and for fans tuning in at home.

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‘s E3 2017 press conference is set for Sunday, June 11, 2017, starting at 2:00 PM PDT / 5:00 PM EDT.