Microsoft’s E3 2014 Conference to be Loaded with Games

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Despite still being a few months away, members of the video game industry are already well into planning press conferences and announcements for this year’s E3. The upcoming annual event (which many gamers consider to be akin to Christmas) will undoubtedly be home to an ample amount of game reveals, but it appears that Microsoft’s press conference at E3 2014 will be absolutely bursting with software.

Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft Studios, recently took to Twitter in response to a follower that was curious as to whether or not this year’s Xbox-centric conference would feature as many games as E3 2013’s did. Much to the delight of fans, Spencer confirmed that there will remain a massive focus on software this time around, and there will be fewer appearances from executives on-stage as a result.

Not only will there be a ton of games to showcase during the event, but Microsoft has already gone over the 90 minute mark, which means it’s going to have to cut content from the final show.

There are a few Xbox One exclusives that are scheduled to release later this year, and it’s safe to say that they’ll be making an appearance. Sunset Overdrive, Quantum Break, some type of Halo game (although it looks as if it’ll be an HD remake of Halo 2) are releasing later in 2014, so they can be considered all but officially confirmed to be on display during the event. Even with those pieces of software primed to be further detailed, there’s still ample room for a number of surprises as well.

Earlier leaks suggest that Forza Horizon 2 could be, for lack of a better word, on the horizon for Xbox One owners, and E3 2014 is a prime locale to pull the curtain off of a game like that. Admittedly, it’s too soon for the company to show off anything on the new Gears of War after acquiring the IP from Epic Games, so we’d recommend that fans don’t hold their breath for a reveal during this year’s event.

What do you think Microsoft will be featuring during its press conference during E3 2014? Any games you’d like to see revealed?


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Source: Phil Spencer — Twitter