Watch The E3 2013 Xbox Media Briefing Livestream Here

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For so many reasons, this year’s E3 will be very different. It’s the first E3 for a new generation of consoles, with both Sony and Microsoft having revealed their next-gen consoles at special events, and fans reacting with a mixture of excitement and curiosity.

This will also be one of the first E3s where Nintendo does not hold a pre-E3 press conference; they will instead hold smaller events to generate hype.

But while Nintendo bows out of pre-E3 festivities, Microsoft is committed to theirs. Now it might not seem like a big deal that Microsoft is holding a press conference for E3 2013, but considering Nintendo is out, and Microsoft has already confirmed a special event on May 21st it’s worth taking note. The vent will being livestreaming at 9:30 AM PST.

Microsoft will air the Xbox Media Briefing on SpikeTV and online at the Xbox Hub (watch above). According to Phil Spencer there will be 20 games presented during the show, including third party titles which may include Titanfall and Dark Souls 2.

Microsoft Livestream E3 2013 Press Conference

So, one has to wonder: after the reactions to the initial Xbox One unveiling, an event that focused on TV features and sports deals, what will Microsoft show at their E3 Media Briefing? And how will they address the controversial confirmations of game trade restrictions and daily online connection requirements?

While we don’t know, Microsoft promises that no gamer will miss out, as they will be streaming the event on various Xbox and Microsoft platforms. Microsoft’s Major Nelson confirmed the news shortly after invites to the press conference went out, and he promises more details about the livestream will follow.

As always, Game Rant will be on hand to bring you all the details coming out of E3, including Microsoft’s press conference, in case you can’t tune in for the livestream

What surprise announcement(s) are you hoping for most from Microsoft’s camp?

Source: Major Nelson – Twitter