Microsoft E3 2012 Press Conference Xbox Live Stream

While by about day two every gamer who is interested in E3 2012 will have already seen what’s new and hot, there are certain portions of the festivities that are just hard to duplicate. Chief among those are the pre-E3 press conferences held by all the major publishers, including now Ubisoft and EA.

Though each finds a way to get their press conference to the masses, through live-streams or TV broadcasts, Microsoft is taking it a step further and putting their press conference on their very own console. That’s right, not only will the Microsoft E3 Press Briefing be aired live on Spike TV, but it will also be available on Xbox Live.

Dubbed Xbox: Entertainment Evolved (an odd choice considering Microsoft claims they won’t be announcing a new console), the Microsoft E3 press conference starts Monday June 4th at 12:30 PST, one day before the doors open for E3 2012 proper. Of course, if you are unable to tune into Spike, or if Xbox Live isn’t a viable option, rest assured Game Rant will be in attendance and we will make sure to live-chat and cover everything that Microsoft chooses to unveil.

What might those reveals be you ask? Well Microsoft is typically the place where Activision likes to debut the first Call of Duty gameplay, so expect Black Ops 2 to be there in full force. Kinect is no doubt going to be there, perhaps with a few surprises up its sleeve. There’s also a small game called Halo 4 slated to release later this year — one of the last Xbox 360 exclusives we know about — which is sure to have a much larger presence during the press conference than it did last year.

And, of course, there’s plenty of room for the unexpected surprises. Maybe Microsoft will confirm that ultra cheap 360 bundle, or maybe they’ll completely take everyone by surprise and announce a console. That’s why you should tune in.

What do you hope to see at Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference? Will you be tuning in to either Spike TV or Xbox Live’s coverage?

Source: Major Nelson