After Quantum Break‘s PC release reveal sparked concerns that Microsoft is backing away from console gaming, Xbox boss Phil Spencer clarifies the situation.

In February, Microsoft confirmed that Xbox One console exclusive Quantum Break would also release for PC. While the hotly anticipated title will not be getting a release via Steam, and it will not offer cross-platform play, players will be able to transfer saves between the two versions. Moreover, certain purchase options for the Xbox One version of the game come with a free code for the digital PC version of Quantum Break too.

This is all good news for those who game on both platforms – and is part of Microsoft’s wider plan to establish PC/Xbox One cross-buy as a platform feature – but it has sparked concerns that Microsoft is more focused on PC than console gaming right now.

In an interview with IGN, however, Xbox boss Phil Spencer says that “the fundamental concern that people have is, ‘Are we losing focus on the console?’ ‘Is Microsoft somehow going to back away from our console focus and have us only focus on Windows?’ Absolutely not true.” Spencer also adds that “we are more committed to our console and the future of that console than we have ever been.”

While Spencer says that Microsoft didn’t anticipate the backlash to the Quantum Break PC announcement (“expected is too high of a word, but I know there is a lot of passion around Xbox”), some Microsoft fans have suggested that this is just the beginning. Microsoft has previously stated that it would consider bringing other Xbox One exclusives, such as Scalebound and Crackdown 3 to PC as well. Spencer also recently stated that Microsoft wants to build a universal gaming ecosystem, which could result in even more games being brought to both platforms.


Again, while that would be another huge win for PC gamers, it may reignite concerns that Microsoft is abandoning console players and that without the allure of “true” exclusives (i.e exclusives that are only available on one platform) Microsoft will miss out on Xbox One console sales.

Others, though, say that regardless of whether Microsoft receives more criticism for these decisions, that the company should carry on down this path. It wasn’t so long ago that Microsoft – which benefits greatly from the happiness of both Xbox and PC gamers – was accused of leaving PC gamers out in the cold, most notably when it didn’t mention PC gaming during its E3 2014 press conference. So many see these developments as a step forward, and not a step back, even if Microsoft will step on some toes in the process.

Source: GameSpot, The Guardian