'Michael Jackson: The Experience' Free on Vita by Mistake

Michael Jackson Experience

We are one week from the launch of Sony's new handheld, and many are excited to get their hands on one, especially with the special bundle offers. While the launch lineup of games is certainly robust, whether or not high-profile titles, such as Uncharted: Golden Abyss, are enough to sell the actual system is still up in the air.

Lucky gamers who managed to get their hands on a PS Vita early have discovered a problem(?): downloading the Michael Jackson: The Experience demo inadvertently unlocks the entire game, making it pointless to buy a copy.

Destructoid has confirmed the bug - claiming that he downloaded the demo on his PS Vita and received a trophy for making Michael Jackson do the 'Thriller' dance. This news is rather unsettling due to the fact that one of the few games available for the PS Vita is free (for presumably a short period of time). Do not expect this problem to still be occurring when you get your hands on your PS Vita. This is an understandable mistake, due to the fact that all PS Vita games can be downloaded, however it is a mistake that Sony can not afford to make.

As reported last month, the PS Vita got off to a sketchy start in Japan, and while Japanese sales are steadily getting better, Sony does not want the same issue to occur in North America. Sony has invested $50 million for marketing as a  strategy for selling their product well in North America. Also, to ensure profitable sales numbers, the glitches and errors that occurred in the Japanese release should be taken care of before the North American release next week.

How will this mistake affect the sales of PS Vita software? Do you think this mistake could become a common occurrence? The PS Vita launches in North America on February 22, 2011. Are you going to be picking one up?


Source: Destructoid

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