Teleport Mewtwo into Your Copy of 'Pokemon Black' or 'White'

Mewtwo in Pokemon Black and White

Pokemon Black and White are great games with over 100 brand new Pokemon that can't be captured in any other previous game. As awesome as the new Pokemon are, however, many still feel they can't hold a candle to the original 151 pocket monsters. While that argument is certainly up for debate amongst the millions of wannabe Pokemon Masters, longtime fans will appreciate that Nintendo plans on giving away one of the most badass Pokemon from the Kanto region.

Those who read the title (which I honestly hope all of you did) already know I'm referring to the legendary Pokemon Mewtwo. Anyone who missed out on capturing this powerhouse in Pokemon Leaf Green or Fire Red on the Game Boy Advance will now have one more shot to add the Team Rocket-made specimen to their arsenal.

Gamers who own either Pokemon Black or White will be able to download Mewtwo starting on February 12th. An ending to this distribution event hasn't been dated yet, but everyone will probably have to act fast before the legendary psychic Pokemon disappears once more.

This Mewtwo in particular will also come with an exclusive move that can't be learned through any other means. Nintendo didn't go into too many details about what the exclusive move will be, but if this virtual giveaway is anything like the one that happened in Japan last year, then expect the move to be Electro Ball. If this is indeed the same Mewtwo that has already been given away, then it will ring in at level 70 and know the moves Shadow Ball, Aura Sphere, and Psystrike.

To celebrate this recent throwback to Mewtwo, the official Pokemon website is offering fans the ability to watch 'The Mastermind of Mirage Pokemon' — starring #150 himself — for free. It's definitely nowhere near as good as 'Pokemon: The First Movie,' but it's better than nothing... I guess.

Now, let's hope Nintendo sticks with this Mewtwo-themed throwback long enough for the character to re-emerge in Super Smash Bros. Universe as a playable fighter.


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