'Metroid and Me' Trailer Tells the Story of Samus Aran, Prepares Us for Metroid: Other M

Metroid Other M Moves Sakamoto To Tears

Gamers looking for a rich and nostalgic story will likely find Metroid: Other M a surprising treat. Other M is a departure from traditional Metroid games in many ways, but the emphasis on narrative seems to be its biggest change.

Game designer and co-founder of the Metroid series, Yoshio Sakamoto, was emotionally moved by scenes from the game. Not to mention, Team Ninja has implemented a Theater Mode where all of the cutscenes can be watched in the form of a two hour movie. Fans are sure to love the importance Team Ninja is placing on the story, but those unfamiliar with the tales of Samus Aran may be put off by the more involved storyline.

Game Rant to the rescue! We have a video that sets up the backstory and basic plot of the Metroid franchise and fills gamers in on what Samus Aran has been doing  right up until Metroid: Other M.

Check out 'Metroid and Me: The Story of Samus Aran' below:


The video begins with the plot of the original Metroid and then jumps forward to the events in Metroid II and Super Metroid, skipping over the entire Metroid Prime trilogy. Metroid: Other M’s story picks up exactly where Super Metroid left off.

If you can get past the slightly cheesy voice-over, the Metroid and Me video is a great way to prepare for Other M. I have played many of the Metroid games, yet this creates a far more coherent story than I could have pieced together in my head.

Metroid: Other M kicks off a remarkable fall lineup that is sure to lighten the wallets of Wii owners everywhere. I can’t remember the last time so many promising games were set to release so close to each other. Metroid: Other M, NBA Jam, Kirby’s Epic Yarn, Goldeneye 007, Epic Mickey, and Donkey Kong Country Returns all come out for the Nintendo Wii within a span of less than three months.

We have already shown the great “mature” games the Wii offers, and now more than ever, hardcore gamers will have a tough time denying the Wii has something for everyone.

Is the Metroid series taking a step in the right direction? Do you care about Metroid: Other M’s story or is the gameplay all that matters?

Keep an eye out for the epic yarn Metroid: Other M offers when Samus returns with a jam on August 31 for Nintendo Wii.

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