'Metroid: Other M' Action Trailer, the Space Pirates Don't Stand a Chance


Today marked the release of an action trailer for the upcoming Nintendo Wii title, Metroid: Other M. It is fill with the kind of action that you don’t often find in Wii games, though there are a few exceptions, and fans jaws dropped to the ground with game play images and sequences that are sure to set a new standard for Wii action games and shooters.

We find Samus Aran in the thick of things in this trailer, and it looks like Team Ninja has done some brilliant work with this game. The graphics look amazing, certainly high end Wii, the sound, even via YouTube, sounds great, I only wonder how it will be control wise. They have implemented an interesting control style, you play holding the Wii-mote horizontally, controlling the 3rd person action, but if you point the Wii-mote at the screen, you are switched into 1st person view.

That was my one big complaint about  Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, the controls, but as it was done by Retro Studios, and Metroid: Other M is being done by Team Ninja, I am hopeful that this control structure will be an improvement.


The game takes place between Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion, so players should be familiar, chronologically speaking, with where Samus is at in this game as we follow her to several locations. Though we find her mostly on the Galactic Federation Battleship. The action looks intense, with lots of moves and weapons that are just... well, sweet! It looks to have all the usually gameplay that we love from the Metroid series, and with a story that moved the co-creator Yoshio Sakamoto to tears, I think Metroid fans are in for a treat.

Now that you have watched the action trailer, make sure you also check out the Metroid: Other M story trailer too, and tell us what you think!

Metroid: Other M is scheduled for an August 31, 2010 release date on the Nintendo Wii.

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