Metroid: Other M Commercial Mixes Live-Action, Gameplay and CG

Metroid Other M Moves Sakamoto To Tears

As the release date for Metroid: Other M draws closer and closer, I can't help but feel ecstatic over this game. I love Metroid, but didn't find much enjoyment in the Metroid Prime series. The game was well polished and had an intriguing story, but the FPS version of Ms. Aran was just not for me. Team Ninja and Nintendo have taken Other M in a decidedly different direction, bringing the series back to its roots while evolving the gameplay to a next-gen standard.

After releasing tons of media for the game to excite the already insatiable fans of the series, the latest commercial in the advertising campaign relies on a different sort of marketing. Nintendo apparently hired an actress to portray Samus in the commercial, and somehow the live-action scene mixes fairly well with the glimpse of gameplay and CG cutscenes that show off what we'll actually be purchasing in a couple of weeks.

This ad brings back fairly vivid memories of the Super Mario Galaxy 2 commercial that was making the rounds right before the release of that game, and does nothing but make the fanboys and fangirls that much more upset that there isn't a major motion picture of some of these incredible properties. That old Super Mario Bros. movie does not count. I'm digging the new campaign that Nintendo has adopted, and I cannot wait to see what they do with the Kirby's Epic Yarn commercial later this year. Any suggestions for who should play King Dedede? Here's the mixed-media commercial for your viewing pleasure:


So Ranters, did you really need any other reason to pick this game up? Nintendo has the best fall lineup in recent history, and Metroid: Other M will be the first of many purchases for my Wii over the next few months. Is it a day one purchase for you as well?

Source: Nintendo Everything

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