Archie Comics Almost Made A Metroid Series


Although video game movies don't usually do so well with critics or the box office, video game comics are a different story. Mass Effect, The Last of Us, and Halo all have successful comic spin-offs and it sounds like a Metroid series almost made it to production at Archie Comics a few years ago.

Archie Comics is best known for its titular title, but in addition to the Riverdale crew, the publisher also puts out a lot of other all-ages friendly books. One of the books in the Archie Comics lineup is Mega-Man, but it sounds like before that was green lit the company was exploring the idea of a Metroid book about Samus.

The Metroid series made it far enough that Archie Comics brought on artist Steven Butler to put together some concept art, which he recently shared in the following post on his Facebook company page...

"Some Metroid concept art done for Archie Comics about 6 or so years ago, when they were wanting to do another licensed video-game comic- they went with Mega-Man instead of Metroid, but they paid me for doing the drawings, and they were a blast to do! Would've been a fun book to work on!!"



Obviously the book never made it to production, but the concept art is pretty fantastic. Archie's Mega Man series certainly isn't anything to write home about, but it's a fun all-ages title that builds on the video game's universe. It would have been very cool to see the world of Metroid explored in a similar way.

What do you think of the Metroid concept art? Would you be interested in reading a series about Samus? Let us know in the comments.

The Metroid comic never made it to production, so there is no release date.

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