Metro Developer Teases New Game


4A Games, developer of the Metro shooter series, drops a pair of mysterious images on Facebook and Twitter that may point towards the developer's next gaming project.

Both Metro: 2033 and Metro: Last Light proved to be surprise hits of the last gaming generation. The titles, which are set in the same universe as Dmitry Glukhovsky's Metro books, gained a cult following of players impressed by the brooding atmosphere and tense action present in both games. Now, developer 4A Games has teased fans of the franchise with a pair of images that hint towards its next game.

4A Games took to its social media accounts to leave some cryptic suggestions for its followers. Over on Facebook, the developer shared a close-up, cropped image that appears to show a gloved hand holding a weapon of some sort. "So there have been a lot of discussions and thoughts on what we are doing," read the accompanying statement. "So I was told to give you guys a hand." Hardly helpful, although the pun itself certainly deserves some merit.

Meanwhile, the Twitter channel was equally mysterious. Once again, a close-up image was shared, along with another statement saying "what are we making, well here is a hand to work it out." those interested can see the Tweet embedded below.


Although there is little to go on from either of the images, some things may stand out to fans of the Metro games. For one thing, those who played the Metro: Redux collection will no doubt notice that both images seem to have more a of a clean, bright, science fiction vibe than the dark and decay of the Metro games. This may suggest that this new project is a separate entity from the Metro franchise.

Then again, given 4A Games' previous comments, this new title could also easily fit into the Metro series. The company previously advised that more Metro games were in development, and that the developer would be looking towards further AAA development opportunities. This summer, 4A Games confirmed that it has two projects in development, meaning that a further Metro game could certainly be on the way.

One thing's for sure, and that's that publisher Deep Silver certainly has an eye on 4A Games and on the Metro series specifically. The publisher had previously stated after it took over the franchise from THQ that it would expand the series to a broader audience "through a commitment to ever higher product quality" and "through greater strategic investment in the brand." It's been a long time since those promises were made, but at the very least 4A Games seems nearly ready to reveal what it has planned next.

Source: Facebook, Twitter (via Gamespot)

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