Following the short but sweet Enter the Metro film, THQ has released another live action trailer for the upcoming Metro: Last Light. This time around, players will learn about the mysterious Preacher, who has become a prophet among the subway’s inhabitants.

Readers will recall the Preacher appearing in the Enter the Metro film, screaming of the armageddon to come. Like most doomsday preachers he was largely ignored; however, he has now become the leader of a cult inside the metro. In the trailer, the still nameless Preacher says his voice is the only one the inhabitants of the Metro dare to listen to – likely because Metro: Last Light protagonist Artyom is silent (pun intended).

Though the Preacher did not make an appearance in the game Metro: 2033 or the original novel, his character fits quite well into the universe. The book itself commonly played on the themes of power, with contemporary Nazi and Communist groups both vying for control over the metro – main character Artyom was always wary to cross the Communist inhabited “Red Line.” The Preacher himself shares similarities to these groups, as he is in a position of great power.

Metro Last Light Preacher Trailer

As well, both the novel and the game utilized themes of mysticism. Khan, for example, is a mysterious character who appears to be otherworldly, while Artyom comes across his own share of visions throughout his adventure.  The Preacher is yet another symbol of mysticism that the players will (likely) have to decipher for themselves. Either way, it will be interesting to see how the Preacher helps (or impedes) Artyom in his journey through the Metro, and what his thoughts on the mysterious Dark Ones are. In the first game, subtle moral choices and secondary objectives effected how the game played out, and we’re hoping Artyom’s actions this time around will affect how he is viewed by not only the Preacher, but most of the NPCs in the game.

Originally slated for an early 2013 release, Metro: Last Light was recently delayed to March 2013, following news that its multiplayer component had been scrapped. This trailer makes the wait just that much harder to bear; though there may not be much gameplay footage (the intro does feature in-engine environments) I simply can’t wait to take another trip into the Moscow Metro.

Metro: Last Light releases in March 2013 for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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