Metro: 2033 was a very competent shooter when it was released back in 2010, but if there is one thing that the game was known for (aside from it’s atmosphere), it was the graphical fidelity the PC version of the game possessed. Judging by the screenshots below, it looks like developer 4A Games has dedicated many resources to making sure the graphical prowess of the series is once again present in Metro: Last Light.

These new Metro: Last Light screenshots appear to follow main character Artyom as he attempts to infiltrate a Nazi base. In the series’ lore, there are both fascist and communist groups that control certain sections of the Russian subway system. It can be seen that Artyom’s enemies belong to the Nazi regime as the wall behind them says the word “Riech.”

Metro: Last Light’s stealth system can also be seen in the screenshots, indicated by the watch Artyom wears. As in Last Light‘s predecessor, whenever the green light is present it means that Artyom is hidden from enemies, whereas yellow means enemies are wary of his presence and red means that all enemies are on alert. The stealth system is said to be revamped for Metro: Last Light, and will fix most, if not all of the problems from Metro: 2033.

Aside from the near-Battlefield 3 level of graphical fidelity, the above screenshots also play host to a variety of weapons found throughout the game. Players can see machine guns and shotguns, all of which were found in Metro: 2033. The only weapon type that was surprisingly not included were the pneumatic weapons, which offered both silenced and powerful shots to stealthy players.

Players interested in Metro: Last Light should also take a look at the full twelve minute gameplay demo if they have not already seen it. Check it out below (thanks, Machinima).


Metro: Last Light releases in 2012 for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. The game is also reportedly in development for the Wii U, though it is not yet known if it will launch simultaneously.

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