As we inch closer towards Metro: Last Light’s March launch date, THQ is ramping up marketing for the game, releasing a handful of live-action trailers. In the brand new Genesis trailer, THQ takes a different approach, showing off the stunning visuals and gameplay of the Metro 2033 successor.

Unlike the Enter The Metro short film or The Preacher trailer, everything about the Genesis trailer is taken in-game. The latest Metro: Last Light trailer begins with main character Artyom narrating one of the Genesis stories from the Christian Bible, contrasting it with the dark imagery of the Metro universe.

The latest trailer also showcases the atmosphere the first Metro game is known for, as the first half focuses on the game’s world and the Metro inhabitants. In Metro 2033, watching AI characters live out their lives gave the world itself more life, creating quite the engrossing adventure. The trailer also shows off some action, with Metro soldiers facing off against the mutated creatures of the subway system. The creatures appear to bear similarities to then Nosalises of the first game, though their bi-pedal qualities are shared with the series infamous “Dark Ones.”

Metro Genesis Trailer

THQ also has a special promotion going on; beginning yesterday and through through to December 16th, THQ will be giving away free copies of Metro: 2033 to fans of the Metro Facebook page. The game will be given away as Steam keys and will be distributed as supplies last. All readers need to do to get a shot at a code is like the Metro Facebook page and then go here to receive their free copy.. The game can also be picked up at any price through the Humble THQ Bundle, which has grown to add several new games.

The first Metro does suffer from its flaws, but it’s also one of the most engrossing shooters on the Xbox 360 and PC – which makes it a tad strange that THQ wouldn’t be giving out XBLA codes for the game as well. Metro 2033 is currently available as a digital download on Microsoft’s Games on Demand service, and certainly THQ would want to gain as many potential costumers as possible. Perhaps THQ felt XBLA codes would alienate the PS3 userbase, as Metro 2033 was never released for Sony’s console.

Metro: Last Light releases in March 2013 for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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