Metro Last Light E3 Demo Footage

Fans of 2010’s Metro 2033 are going to love the recently released footage from the E3 demo for Metro: Last Light. The sequel takes place after the events of Metro 2033 and by the looks of things will improve greatly and the flaws that hampered the first title from commercial success.

Developer 4A Games is quick to note that all footage is in-game and pre-alpha, though the game looks pretty solid – there’s little need for the disclaimer. The lighting is sharp and the environments are full of detail – helping to bring the world to life. Metro 2033 was loved for its atmosphere, and 4A looks to keep the trend going in Metro: Last Light. A lot of thought has been put into the environments and it conveys the dreary vibe throughout the demo.

Many elements from 2033 make a return – such as the pneumatic weapons. A pressure gauge on the weapon will tell the player how powerful the shot will be, and they will be able to pump the gun for a more devastating shot – like they did in the predecessor. The gun is also silent, which helps to aid players in concealing themselves in the darkness.

The stealth system has also made a return, and from what is known about the game it has been substantially revamped. Player’s will still be able to shoot out lights to help conceal themselves; preferably using the aforementioned pneumatic rifles – as well as other silenced weapons (so as not to alert enemies). As in 2033, there is an indicator to tell the player whether or not they have been spotted by an enemy, once again displayed by a light on the player’s wrist (green=concealed, yellow=enemies are wary, red= spotted). The trailer also displays the new stealth kills feature.

Check out the Metro: Last Light video below to see Artyom, (the main character from Metro 2033 and the returning protagonist for Last Light) sneak behind an unsuspecting soldier and kill him with his knife (without alerting any enemies):


As a huge fan of Metro: 2033, Metro: Last Light looks to be a huge improvement over the first game. Combat looks fluid and the stealth system has been improved – so that players can actually sneak around more easily.

Are you interested in Metro: Last Light or did you find the first game’s emphasis on survival (i.e., the gas masks) too much for you?

Metro: Last Light releases in 2012 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.  A Wii U version is also reported to be in development.