Metro Exodus Trailer Brings Hope, Mutated Enemies to The Game Awards

Metro Exodus gameplay trailer The Game Awards 2017

The Game Awards host and creator Geoff Keighley promised major reveals and announcements at the event and on that he delivered. 4A Games' post-apocalyptic shooter Metro Exodus was part of the show and offered one of the most chilling presentations.

While the Metro Exodus announcement trailer from E3 2017 was filled with action, the trailer at The Game Awards took a more subtle approach. As protagonist Artyom ventures out into the frozen wasteland of post-apocalyptic Russia, a sorrowful voiceover explains her fears and concerns. Every time Artyom goes out exploring, she fears that he won't come back and that she will be left to die alone, without him, in the metro system.

The voice-over implores the character to let the outside world go because the world as they knew it is "dying." Plus, if there was anyone out there to find, Artyom would have found them already. But despite this warning, Artyom carries on, trudging through the ice and snow, continuing to brave the harsh elements.

It seems that the Metro Exodus lead would have been wise to heed the woman's warning as Artyom comes face to face with danger multiple times. In one scene, the character is hiding behind some cars as a pack of mutated hounds tries to sniff him out. While the hounds don't look particularly strong, their combined power could probably overwhelm players easily and stealth seems like the best approach for dealing with them.

The trailer also ends on a thunderous clash between two trains. As Artyom rides on one train, another steam engine seems to come out of nowhere and plow into the vehicle. Unfortunately, the trailer ends before viewers get to see exactly how the clash plays out and whether the two train drivers come to blows (or if Artyom manages to escape).

Those looking forward to Metro Exodus will welcome this new footage as the focus on hopes and dreams is certainly an interesting theme. But there's still a lot that fans don't yet know about the game. For example, 4A Games has confirmed that its game won't have any platform exclusive DLC, but what DLC will the game get, if any at all? And how many other enemy types can fans expect to encounter, besides the mutant mutts and the foes featured in the announcement footage?

As one of the best horror games at E3 2017, it's understandable why Metro Exodus fans are so eager to learn more about the game. Though, as the game will not be released until late next year, 4A Games has plenty of time to share more information before launch.

Metro Exodus will be released in fall 2018 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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