Metro Exodus Player Finds September 11th Reference

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Now that Metro Exodus has finally hit the market, many players are diving into all it has to offer such as getting the good ending. This led to one player to discover an Easter egg reference to the September 11 terrorist attacks that resulted in the collapse of the Twin Towers in Manhattan.

This reference can be found while Metro Exodus exploring the sand regions. Basically, there is an archive in this area of satellite maps tracking radiation levels and environmental damage. It was intended as a backup in case the government ever decided to return to the surface, but when looking at this archive of maps, there is something strange in one of the "open" spots compared to the rest of it.

There is a small plane model where a map is supposed to be, with this Metro Exodus figurine being an allusion the September 11, 2001 date of the terrorist attacks. Across the top, there is a list of months (written in Russian) and down the left-hand side, there's a list of years being tracked. In the hole for September 2001, one will notice a small plane in the slot, with the allusion to the event being obvious.

Reaction to this reference seems slightly mixed. On the one hand, many see this as a honor to the fallen. On the other hand, some think that it is in poor taste and don't see the point of its inclusion in Metro Exodus. Fans of the franchise can decide for themselves whether this reference was in good taste or bad.

No matter how players feel about Metro Exodus' reference to the event, it is far from the first 9/11 memorial to be included in a recently released video game. For instance, players thought Sony's hit action-adventure PS4 title Spider-Man contained a memorial to the World Trade Center–that is, before it was debunked.

Ultimately, there may be more Easter Eggs or historical references found throughout the surface world of Metro Exodus, so Easter Egg fans may want to keep their eyes peeled. And for those on the fence about entering the Russian wasteland, we recommend checking out our review here.

Metro Exodus is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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