Metro Exodus Offers More Sandbox Gameplay in a Giant Map

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Post-apocalyptic first-person shooter Metro Exodus is one of the most anticipated games of 2018. The game will bring survival horror and stealth gameplay to PC and consoles later this year, and in the run-up to that release, developer 4A Games has been shedding more light on what fans can expect.

This latest drop of information comes via a new interview with the Official PlayStation Magazine UK (Issue #145, February 2018). Metro Exodus executive producer Jon Bloch reveals that it will be much bigger than previous games in the series in several ways. For example, each city in the game will be three or four square kilometers, which will make them the largest maps that 4A Games has ever created.

These cities will also be filled with things to do. Bloch says that "the mix of classic Metro gameplay with these new sandbox environments provide a lot more freedom and options to the player while still maintaining what we think makes our previous games so enjoyable."

Metro Exodus gameplay trailer The Game Awards 2017

Players will "encounter new societies, religions, ways of life, environments, monsters, and mutants. Some will seem familiar in some ways and some will be completely new." Fans can get a look at the game's mutants and the train (called The Aurora) that Artyom will use to travel between each city in the gameplay trailer that debuted at The Game Awards last month.

It sounds as though players will spend a significant amount of time on The Aurora, though. In addition to crafting equipment, exploring, and taking on objectives and dangers, Metro Exodus players will also be able to interact with new characters in the city. Bloch even reveals that the game's script is "larger than both Metro 2033's and Metro: Last Light's scripts combined, including all DLC."

Allies may even become enemies in the game, and players may have to figure out new ways to tackle situations as a result."Choosing when and how to approach different situations will have measurable effects on the players experience while completing tasks," says Bloch. This seems to be part of this mantra of increased player freedom that the developer mentions.

It remains to be seen whether 4A Games can pull off this delicate balance between maintaining the Metro formula and giving fans enough new gameplay to keep them entertained. Switching things up is a major risk, but fans won't have long now to wait and see if 4A Games has been successful in its efforts.

Metro Exodus will release in 2018 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Official PlayStation Magazine UK

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