Metro Exodus Won't Feature Platform Exclusive DLC, Despite Xbox One X Reveal

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Although talk of the Microsoft E3 2017 press conference has been heavily focused on the future release of the Xbox One X, there were a few interesting game reveals over the course of the conference. Chief among these was the announcement of Metro Exodus, the next game in the acclaimed Metro series of games. Although the title appeared during the Microsoft showcase, however, not only will the title not be an exclusive for the Xbox One family, but it will also not be on the receiving end of any platform exclusive DLC.

The reveal comes courtesy of 4A Games directly. Jon Bloch, executive producer of Metro Exodus, discussed the possibility of future DLC being exclusive to a single platform in an interview with Geoff Keighley. However, Bloch was resolute that the title would not keep content away from some players based solely around the platform they were using.

"We’re not planning to carve off any content or anything like that for any platform," explained Bloch in the interview. "We don’t believe in doing that." As such, it looks as though Metro Exodus players are likely to get a parity of experience regardless of whether they play the game on Xbox One, PS4, or PC.

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Fans of the Metro franchise will certainly be glad to hear this news, and will also be relieved to have seen the Metro Exodus gameplay trailer at all. After all, it had all gone suspiciously quiet with regards to the Metro franchise, and although developer 4A Games had teased a future Metro game, many had feared that another title in the series may well never come to pass.

Instead, it seems as though Metro will be back with a bang. The initial trailer shows off the same grim, terrifying world that the Metro series is renowned for, complete with nasty creatures and post-apocalyptic ruins to navigate. However, Metro Exodus will apparently also mix things up by blending together a linear experience with some aspects of open world gameplay.

Exactly what that means will no doubt be revealed as the game's development continues, but the chance to mix together the tone and build of Metro with the open world survival of the cult STALKER series is certainly an ambitious prospect. Hopefully, the title will be able to continue the quality seen in the series thus far.

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Metro Exodus will be released in 2018 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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