Metro 2033 Launch Trailer

Metro 2033 releases today, and we have the new launch trailer.  THQ's latest first person shooter is a dark game with monsters around every corner. The game takes place in the year 2013 in a Ukrainian subway station  and is based off of a novel from author Dmitry Glukhovsky.

CVG sat down with the head of global communications Huw Benyon to hear straight from the source what the game has to offer. Benyon states that you can customize this game to your liking all the way down to the firing sensitivity for the controls. It also appears that the game will have a very mature style of story telling similar to that of Heavy Rain.

Metro 2033 also boasts that it is the first major title to be in 3D. Benyon also comments on this:

"For the time being it's 3D on PC so it uses nVidia's 3D vision technology, so it's down to the specific hardware, you need a specific monitor for it. So for the time being it's not like Avatar where hundreds of cinemas are equipped to do it, in gaming it's going to be a relative niche... The 3D version has got that extra 'wow' factor, that extra 'pop out' factor."

Have a look at the Metro 2033 launch trailer:

Metro 2033 releases today on PC and Xbox 360.

Source: Game Trailers, CVG

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