There Was Once a Metallica Video Game in Development


Footage of the forgotten Metallica-themed video game Damage Inc. appears online, showcasing the cancelled project's vehicular combat-focused gameplay.

For many gamers, the worlds of heavy metal music and video games are strongly entwined. Many a game has a soundtrack thick with metal riffs, and a heavy metal score even helped define the original Doom as one of the most important video games of all time. As it turns out, some trendsetters within the heavy metal genre have even turned their attentions towards having games of their own - including Metallica.

It's been revealed that the band, known for such acclaimed albums as Master of Puppets and Ride the Lightning, once had a video game in the works. Development on the project, named Damage Inc., started over ten years ago, although little was seen by the public aside from a brief trailer and some concept art. However, thanks to PtoPOnline, fans of the band - or interested gamers in general - can now have a look at the game.

Perhaps befitting of the title's heavy metal roots, the Metallica-themed game was going to be vehicular combat-focused, in the style of Twisted Metal. PtoPOnline has been able to get its hands on the unfinished version of the game, which shows off a post-apocalyptic setting and some early gameplay footage. Those interested in seeing the game in action can do so below.


Damage Inc. was originally slated for a 2005 release, and was set to hit PC, PS2, and Xbox. Developed by Climax Brighton, the original name for the now-defunct Black Rock Studio after its closure at the hands of Disney, the title did have some interesting ideas, such as a day-to-night cycle and the ability to get out of a vehicle during gameplay. However, the project would never see release, with some sources citing that licensing issues scuppered the chances of Damage Inc. ever hitting store shelves.

This is far from the only example of beloved rock and metal musicians making their way into the realm of video games. David Bowie appeared in the Square Enix-published Omikron: The Nomad Soul, while Motorhead frontman Lemmy not only had a role in Brutal Legend, but has also had a tribute in the form of a GTA 5 mod. Not only that, but both Aerosmith and Journey have also ventured into gaming, albeit with both bands releasing very weird licenced games.

There would, of course, eventually be a video game based upon Metallica's back catalogue of songs, with the release of Guitar Hero: Metallica. Nonetheless, it would not quite compare to having a fully-fledged Metallica experience in the video game sphere. At least metalheads still have the Iron Maiden RPG to turn to.

Source: PtoPOnline

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