As its name implies, Metal Gear Survive is all about survival. As players explore the desert wasteland full of zombies and monsters, they will also have to contend with ever-dropping hunger and thirst meters. Water is somewhat easier to access, but managing one’s hunger in the game is a bit trickier.

The primary way players will gather food in Metal Gear Survive is by hunting animals and preparing the meat with their campfire at base camp. However, animals are sometimes difficult to come by, as they don’t always spawn in the same location, so players can potentially find themselves in a loop of starving to death if they’re not careful.

To prevent this, it’s possible to collect some potatoes and use them to create a potato garden that can later be harvested by crew members. This little vegetable farm can be built fairly early on in the game, and can really come in handy during stretches of time where animals are hard to find. But first, players will need to find potatoes out in the wild to get their farm started, and that is easier said than done.

metal gear survive art

While it’s possible to find potatoes elsewhere, the best place to grab them early on is right around Transporter 3, near where players rescue the nurse Miranda. From the transporter, head down the hill and walk toward the area where Miranda was rescued. There is a pile of dirt here with a fridge lying in its center. Check around the fridge to find some of the earliest potatoes in the game.

With potatoes in hand, the next step is to build the potato farm back at base camp. Then to actually be able to harvest potatoes from the farm, it’s necessary to assign crew members to work in the garden, and wait the allotted amount of time until it’s possible to collect the food. Of course, players can speed up the process with the game’s microtransactions if they choose to go that route.

Now that Metal Gear Survive players have a steady supply of potatoes, they should be able to hold off starvation much more effectively.

Metal Gear Survive is out now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.