Metal Gear Survive Gameplay Demo Released


Konami reveals the first gameplay demo of Metal Gear Survive at Tokyo Game Show 2016, showcasing fifteen minutes of gameplay from the controversial Metal Gear Solid spin-off.

It's fair to say that Metal Gear Survive has not had the best of starts with fans of the Metal Gear series. The first Metal Gear video game developed after the now infamous departure of Hideo Kojima from Konami, gamers were far from impressed when the title was announced, with its survival co-op gameplay a far cry from what had made the series great. For many, the title was going to do little to redeem the company after its treatment of the acclaimed developer.

Unperturbed, Konami confirmed that the game's first gameplay demo would be unveiled at Tokyo Game Show, and that footage has just been released. Indeed, interested gamers can now check out a full fifteen minutes of Metal Gear Survive, and it gives a good idea of what the title is due to deliver to players. Looking at the footage, it's fair to say that the game is going to be a little bit different from its Metal Gear predecessors.

Players will take on the roles of Mother Base soldiers, who have been transported by wormholes to an alternate world. Once there, various missions will be given to users, with the gameplay demo itself revealing a mission where the group of players needs to place a transmitter at the site of a special wormhole. However, to complete the objective, users will need to take down plenty of creatures that are in the way.


Although some of the methods used in the game are of a fairly standard fare, there are a couple of moments that raise an eyebrow, including one where the team uses the Fulton Cannon to make an enemy lure out of a bystander sheep. Aside from that, however, the gameplay demo also showcased some of the survival gameplay elements, with the players collecting various materials throughout the game world and crafting defensive barriers.

Although Konami has responded to criticism of Metal Gear Survive and requested that fans keep an open mind about the game, it appears as though this gameplay demo has done little to dissuade critics. At the time of writing, the number of dislikes on the video vastly outweighs the likes, with plenty of negative comments about what Konami has shown off. It certainly seems as though the company still has a lot to do to win over long-time Metal Gear fans.

That said, the title may still find some love among the gaming community, particularly if gamers are tempted to try out the game due to its lower price point. However, many would-be players may want more assurances about the quality of the game before taking it on.

Metal Gear Survive will be released in 2017 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Konami (YouTube)

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