Since it was initially revealed, Metal Gear Survive has not exactly been making headlines for the right reasons, and Konami’s recent announcement on the title is not likely to change the tide. The publisher has revealed that the Metal Gear Solid spin-off is now facing a delay, with the previous release date of 2017 being pushed back into early 2018.

The news was revealed by a Konami representative during E3 2017, confirming that Metal Gear Survive has now been “pushed back a few months.” The reason for this slight delay is so that the game can receive a suitable level of polish before release. With the title getting a “dense” single player campaign to accompany the multiplayer mode, the game may require a little more time in the oven before it’s up to scratch.

Metal Gear Survive does not exactly fit with the ongoing saga of the Metal Gear Solid series, and instead takes place in an alternate timeline. Wormholes have managed to suck a number of Mother Base soldiers into a different world – a harsh landscape full of monsters. It certainly doesn’t sound much like a Metal Gear Solid title, although Konami has reiterated its place as a Metal Gear game.


That said, Metal Gear Survive has hardly had the best of receptions since it was originally announced. The game received a gameplay demo to try and further showcase what Konami was planning, but that video was flooded with dislikes on YouTube from those upset with the direction Konami was taking the Metal Gear Solid franchise, and their treatment of esteemed game creator Hideo Kojima.

Indeed, by this point many have been wondering whether Metal Gear Survive is more trouble than its eventual release will be worth. Kojima, who was the auteur behind the Metal Gear series all the way up to Metal Gear Solid 5, has been critical of the title, forming just one part of an ongoing dispute that has recently led to allegations of Konami causing problems for Kojima Productions and former Konami employees.

Now, it would take a truly compelling experience for Metal Gear fans and the gaming community in general to forget about the background noise surrounding Metal Gear Survive. Only time will tell whether these few extra months in develop will make that substantial a difference.

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Metal Gear Survive will be released in early 2018 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Polygon