Metal Gear Survive is a Co-op Sequel to Ground Zeroes

Metal Gear Survive is a Co-op Sequel to Ground Zeroes - Metal Gear Survive zombie

At gamescom 2016, Konami releases a trailer for Metal Gear Survive, a sequel to Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes set in an alternate timeline with zombie creatures.

After Konami parted ways with series creator Hideo Kojima, the state of the Metal Gear Solid franchise was thrown into question. Well, the first post-Kojima Metal Gear game has finally been revealed, and it is something that fans probably weren't expecting. At gamescom 2016, Konami unveiled Metal Gear Survive, a co-op survival game that features zombie-like creatures, and stars a new cast of four playable characters instead of series hero Snake.

Metal Gear Survive takes place in an alternate timeline after the events of Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes. Wormholes open in the night sky as Snake is making his escape on the helicopter, sucking in some unlucky individuals that now have to survive in a harsh desert landscape filled with monsters. While it sounds like this approach would mean Metal Gear Survive is ditching the franchise's stealth roots, Konami insists that isn't the case.

Regardless of whether or not Metal Gear Survive is maintaining the franchise's stealth roots, fans don't seem happy about the game. Its reveal trailer has an overwhelming number of dislikes, similar to the hate targeted at the Metal Gear Solid 3 pachinko machine, with the main complaint seemingly about the lack of the Snake. Based on the trailer, it's hard to say if Metal Gear's hero will be in the game much at all, and that isn't sitting right with fans.


It's clear that fans aren't happy with what Konami is doing with the Metal Gear Solid franchise. There have been doubts ever since Konami said there would be new Metal Gear games without Kojima, and so far, it seems fans aren't convinced that Konami will be able to do the series justice. Just to recap, since Kojima has left, Konami has announced a pachinko machine, revealed this poorly received twist on the franchise, and licensed Snake to be in a car commercial.

If Konami really wants to win fans back, it may want to focus on a core entry in the series, not strange spinoffs and pachinko machines. Fans are already angry at Konami for its treatment of Kojima, its cancellation of Silent Hills, and for a number of other questionable decisions the company has made over the last couple of years. Considering this, moving forward with a risky spinoff like Metal Gear Survive instead of a more traditional game in the series seems ill-advised.

Of course, all of this negativity being directed at the trailer is for a game that no one has played yet. For all fans know, Metal Gear Survive could be a solid gaming experience, with or without Snake as the main playable character. Until its release next year, however, fans will probably continue to be skeptical of Metal Gear Survive and whatever other projects Konami announces in the meantime.

Metal Gear Survive will be available in 2017 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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