Rumor Patrol: 'Metal Gear Solid' Trilogy Coming to PS3 in HD?

Metal Gear Solid Trilogy HD Remake Rumor

Gamers of this generation are no doubt aware of the Metal Gear Solid trilogy, brought to us by industry legend Hideo Kojima. Each of the titles are widely considered to be classics, yet the series started so long ago that there may be some who haven't had the chance to give the games a play-through. Those who have yet to experience the saga are in luck, as according to the UK Official PlayStation Magazine, whispers are circling the industry of an HD rendition of the original Metal Gear Solid Trilogy under development for the PlayStation 3.

As of now, there are absolutely no concrete facts, details, or further speculation on when the collection could be finished or released, and neither Sony nor Kojima Productions have yet to respond to the rumor. There's no question that the series still looms large in the minds of many gamers, with its characters making appearances in completely different franchises.

It's difficult to think of a time when a Metal Gear Solid title wasn't in some form of production at Konami, and as much as Kojima may convey mixed messages about his feelings on the franchise, we know that more titles are being developed. Kojima is even hiring programmers for an as-yet-unnamed Metal Gear game, so could it be that the HD do-overs of the original three are being given an overhaul?

Konami is confirmed to be making announcements at next year's E3, and considering the rumors that Metal Gear Solid: Rising might not make its 2011 release, it wouldn't hurt to have a major property to tide fans over. Giving fans a chance to relive a great gaming experience is a sure-fire way to win some good will, so they've had worse ideas.

The Metal Gear Solid trilogy is definitely one that has taken the way a video game story is told and turned it on its head. From the first game's introduction of the series' protagonist Solid Snake, to covering his origins in Metal Gear Solid 3, the character has a long history full of intrigue and drama that permeated all three games. The thought of seeing the series' cut-scenes remastered is enough to get us on board, but we won't hold our breath.

This isn't the first time a Metal Gear Solid game has been remade. Back in the GameCube days, developer Silicon Knights (Too Human, Eternal Darkness) released a remake of the original Metal Gear Solid, and was met with critical acclaim. In case rumors of a re-released trilogy aren't enough to keep you occupied, the 3DS will also be getting its own MGS game in the form of Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater on 3DS.

We'll keep you posted on the rumor, and whether the whispers turn into all-out shouts anytime soon.

Source: VG 24/7

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