Hideo Kojima Speaks Up About 'Metal Gear Solid: Rising'

Hideo Kojima Speaks Up About Metal Gear Solid Rising

Hideo Kojima may not be completely hands-on with Metal Gear Solid: Rising, but rest assured that if things go south, the creator will step in to ensure the security of his beloved franchise.

Some may be pondering, "Kojima not in charge of a Metal Gear game?" It's a silly idea to say the least, but in all actuality it is the truth. Hideo Kojima has set boundaries for Metal Gear Solid: Rising, but has given the reins to his company, Kojima Productions, to oversee the completion of the game. Kojima spoke in regards to his influence on Rising:

“This time I’ve been really hands-off, letting it go on its own with the new team… It’s not like I’m giving up complete control. It’s that point in the beginning — the core concept, finding that seed. So the concept came from the staff — they got the idea to use Raiden as the main character and to make it into an action game. Even the story: I try not to read it, because if I do then I’ll want to say something and get sucked back in again!”

The tide has definitely shifted in the Metal Gear world and watching the first teaser trailer for Rising, one can see how different this spin-off will be from the original series. No longer will this be a game about sneaking; Rising will be all out action.

Kojima spoke about his passion for the MGS series and noted that if Risings strays too far from his vision, he will be at the ready to step in -- while still preserving the boundaries of creator and developer. Fear not, if Rising is not what players expect, Kojima has shared his thoughts on Metal Gear Solid 5 and confessed that it is practically inevitable for the game to flourish, though his involvement for that game may vary as well.

Remember to watch Hideo Kojima at this year's Spike VGAs on Saturday, December 10.

How do you feel about Rising thus far? Do you feel as though the developers are sticking to the true nature of the series?

Metal Gear Solid: Rising is set to release in 2012 for PS3, 360, and PC.

Source: VG247 [Via OPM UK]

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