Kojima Comes Under Fire For Revealing ‘Metal Gear Solid’ Figure With ‘Soft Breasts’

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Metal Gear Solid is a series that has always prided itself on toeing the line between weird and serious. When Snake wasn’t dealing with the ramifications of a privatized military, he was hanging out with an arms dealer that had a monkey in a diaper. Odd has always been expected of the tactical espionage franchise, but the series has found itself the subject of criticism over a new character.

Quiet is a sniper in ripped fishnet stockings and a comically small bikini top. Critics were quick to label the character as over sexualized, but series head Hideo Kojima leapt to the defense of Quiet, saying the “erotic” design was an intentional parody on the scantily clad female characters typically found in fighting games, and that the character was intended to be a strong female character.

While Kojima assures angry critics that the character will make sense in the story of Metal Gear Solid 5, this hasn’t stopped other developers from deriding the character, with a Halo designer going as far as to call the design “disgusting” on Twitter. Odds are, Quiet’s upcoming figure won’t help things.


Square Enix’s toy division, Play Arts Kai, is renowned for making highly detailed collectible figurines based around various franchises. In preparation of Play Arts Kai’s launch of its Metal Gear Solid 5 line, Kojima took to Twitter to show off the upcoming Quiet figure. The figure comes with a sniper rifle, a selection of guns and knives, an interchangeable head, and soft breasts.

Yes, Kojima stated that the Quiet figure will feature “soft materials” in the chest area allowing the breasts to be “pushed & lifted.” Several pictures accompanied the tweet, showing off Play Arts Kai designer Yoji Shinkawa posing the picture and showing off Quiet’s, er, assets.

In the world of collectible Japanese figurines, soft breasts are nothing new, with many figures being released with malleable areas. However, after the outcry over the sexualization of the character, critics were quick to pounce on the figure, with many retweeting angry comments to Kojima minutes after the picture was posted. Many also jumped to Kojima’s defense, arguing that the MGS creator has made strong femlae characters before, with many citing Metal Gear Solid’s Meryl, and urging critics to wait for the game to release to better understand the character.


Kojima has yet to respond to the criticism of the figure, instead opting to retweet reviews of the upcoming film Mad Max: Fury Road.

The Metal Gear Solid series has always prided itself on filling its world with interesting, out-there characters, but many fear Quiet is just too much. Kojima promises the character will make sense in context, but this stands to be seen.

Source: Hideo Kojima