Amongst the laundry list of titles fans are hoping will arrive to the Nintendo Switch sometime in the future, Konami’s action-adventure stealth game Metal Gear Solid sits firmly in one of the top spots. Though it remains to be seen whether that dream will ever become a reality (hope as anyone may), players will be able to get their hands on something extremely close to Metal Gear Solid for their Switch systems: the Metal Gear Solid parody game Never Stop Sneakin‘.

Developed by Humble Hearts, the team behind the 2012 action role-playing game Dust: An Elysian Tail, Never Stop Sneakin’ takes the stock characteristics from Metal Gear Solid and adds in a screwball comedy skew. The official Never Stop Sneakin’ trailer description explains the game’s goofy premise. Amadeus Guildenstern, described as an absolute madman, has traveled through time and kidnapped every single U.S. president. In order to restore balance to the current timeline, and the former commanders-in-chief to their rightful past ones, players must “infiltrate the enemy base, avoid their patrols, and hack their systems to gain valuable intel.” Then, players will construct their very own Sneakin’ Headquarters and toil away to discover how to stop Guildenstern’s nefarious time-traveling scheme.

As the announcement footage reveals, the gameplay appears to be incredibly fast-paced, so players should expect to do some speedy sneakin’ as they attempt to crack the case. There’s also a ton of Metal Gear Solid nods within the trailer, including a theme reminiscent of Snake Eater, which many consider one of the best Metal Gear Solid games, and Guildenstern’s “Executive Branch of Evil,” which includes a vice president who is an actual helicopter. The game’s polygonal graphics, overhead gameplay, and remix of the “Snake Eater” song also make for pitch-perfect MGS parody.

metal gear solid never stop sneakin' nintendo switch

Over on Twitter, Humble Hearts’ Dean Dodrill explained a bit about what went into Never Stop Sneakin’. “I had several goals I wanted to accomplish with my sophomore effort as a game developer. I wanted to try something in a completely different aesthetic, and go fully-polygonal in the process. I wanted to create something procedural and infinitely re-playable, and design engaging combat with the simplest controls possible. I think I’ve accomplished these things, and it’s been a thrill to create something completely different from Dust: An Elysian Tail,” Dodrill said in a series of tweets.

Though it isn’t the Metal Gear Solid Switch game most were crossing their fingers for, Never Stop Sneakin‘ looks to be a fun, fresh addition to the record-breaking Nintendo console and may very well become a new favorite of many players across the globe.

The most recent Metal Gear Solid game, Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, is available now on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. Never Stop Sneakin’ will be available on the Nintendo Switch in holiday 2017.

Source: Dean Dodrill – YouTubeDean Dodrill – Twitter