Konami uploads a new video to the publisher’s official YouTube channel, providing fans with a sneak peek of what Metal Gear Solid Online‘s new Survival Mode will offer.

The teaser video, included below, offered fans of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain‘s multiplayer content a preview of the brand new Survival Mode. Konami had previously announced the new matchmaking mode would be available on April 7, arriving as part of Metal Gear Solid 5‘s update 1.11. While the video is brief and doesn’t attempt to go into detail regarding Survival Mode, that’s likely because news of this particular multiplayer content first broke way back in December of last year.

The initial announcement of Metal Gear Solid Online‘s Survival Mode came as a vague tweet that referenced Konami’s general plans for the multiplayer heading into 2016. Since then, though, fans have learned that Survival will pit teams of six to compete against each other in a series of skirmishes, and that teams managing five wins in a row will earn special in-game rewards. The free 1.11 update will also bring maps that were previously only accessible to Metal Gear Solid 5 DLC owners to those who just have the base game.

While all players will be able to engage in some Survival Mode gameplay as soon as it’s available, those who purchased¬†Cloaked in Silence, the recent Metal Gear Online DLC campaign, will be able to access the new multiplayer mode free of any restrictions. Those fans without the DLC will be limited to playing only ten matches of Survival Mode a week, making the elusive five win streak that much more valuable of an achievement.

Interestingly enough, more hardcore fans of the Metal Gear series might begin the new Survival Mode with an advantage over the competition. Survival Mode was included in the original Metal Gear Online for the PlayStation 3, which has since seen its servers shut down in 2012. Metal Gear Online in its current form is an upgraded version of the same concept, and launched after a month-long delay in October 2015. While the gameplay has improved significantly, it’s likely familiarity with the old version’s Survival Mode could help teams looking to score an early win-streak bonus.

Despite the negativity surrounding Konami’s public image these days, the publisher has been quick to support its Metal Gear Online community. After a series of setbacks following the multiplayer launch, Konami offered gamers free in-game content to make up for Metal Gear Online‘s server issues. While Metal Gear Online has ultimately struggled to thrive under the daunting shadow of Metal Gear Solid 5‘s single-player campaign, at least it is still receiving continued support from its oft-maligned publisher.

Metal Gear Solid 5 is out now for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC.

Source: Official Konami YouTube Channel (via VG 24/7)