10 Most Emotional Moments In The Metal Gear Solid Franchise

Hideo Kojima is a huge lover of the film industry. So it makes sense that the creative designer behind the Metal Gear Solid franchise ensures that his games look like movies. More than anything else, that series comes across like a cinematic experience. Along with beautiful cinematography, it features complex characters and incredible plot twists.

With a deep story and characters who fans have grown to love, there have been plenty of moments in the game that hit us right in the feels. It could be a sacrifice made for a family member, the death of someone important, or any number of heart-wrenching things. We're here to list the 10 most emotional moments in franchise history.

10 Sniper Wolf's Tale

The list of memorable bosses you face during Metal Gear Solid is one of the most impressive in video game history. Part of the reason is how developed those bosses are, such as Sniper Wolf. At first glance, she's just a female sniper who you must defeat. It is when you best her that things get emotional.

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Sniper Wolf laid on the ground and explained some of her tragic tale as she took her dying breaths. You felt for her and could tell there was a respect between her and Solid Snake. The moment was made more emotional by the howling wolves in the background and Otacon's reaction.

9 Emma Emmerich Dies

Speaking of Otacon, he plays a major role in this next entry. During Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, Raiden was tasked with saving someone named Emma Emmerich. It turns out that she was Otacon's estranged younger sister. The struggle to save her made her nobody's favorite character.

However, you couldn't help but feel for poor little Emma. She was innocent and helpless. Her death is memorable and gets taken to the next level when Otacon reveals the truth about their past. It involved sexual abuse and attempted suicide. But as she was dying, Emma reassured her brother that he was a good person.

8 The Boss' Betrayal

A strong argument could be made for Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater being the best entry in the series. We're talking about all aspects of what makes a game great. The story was something special and it began with a bang. As Snake tried getting to safety with Sokolov, they were stopped by The Boss.

The Boss was considered the deadliest person on the planet and she was Snake's mentor. You watched as she betrayed Snake and broke his heart. He looked pitiful trying everything in his power to reach out to her, only to get rejected at each turn. We had only just met her but the emotional gut punch was real.

7 Olga's Sacrifice

As Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty started to wrap up, Raiden came face to face with Solidus Snake. Solidus opted to have him battle an army of Metal Gear RAYs. After doing his best and destroying several of them, an exhausted Raiden still found himself in serious trouble. That's when Olga Kurylenko arrived.

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Though Olga began the game as an antagonist, she became sympathetic over time. Olga's young daughter was held captive by the Patriots. She would live as long as Raiden did. That meant Olga stepped in to protect him. Solidus grabbed her by the throat and put a bullet through her head but Olga accepted it because it helped keep her daughter safe.

6 Big Boss In The Graveyard

The journey to reach the finish line of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots was a lengthy one. After hours of cinematic cutscenes and story twists that nobody could have predicted, you finally made it to the end credits. And then you found out that Big Boss was shockingly still alive.

The final cutscene took place in a graveyard as Snake contemplated his demise knowing that he was dying from a virus. Big Boss arrived and the father/son duo shared a poignant conversation. It was revealed that Snake had been cured of the virus earlier in the story. Big Boss told Snake to find his reason to live before he died peacefully by his mentor's grave.

5 Gray Fox's Final Words

Gray Fox is a fan favorite in this franchise. The Cyborg Ninja has one of the best fights in the whole series against Solid Snake in 1998's Metal Gear Solid. They kind of mirror each other and you get the sense that Snake's a few bad days away from being like him. After their battle, Fox returned to assist Snake against Metal Gear Rex.

The two worked side by side to try and take down the giant enemy. It ultimately cost Gray Fox his life which is sad enough. But the final words spoken by Fox are the real kicker. He warned Snake to take control of his own life and avoid following in his footsteps.

4 Fortune Is Fortunate

One of the biggest mysteries throughout Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty surrounded Fortune. For some unknown reason, this woman could not be hit by any bullet. They would misdirect and avoid her, while grenades and bombs became duds when they got near her. We eventually found out that her powers weren't real.

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With her false powers taken away, Fortune was shot and seemingly killed. But in her dying moments, she stood up and faced off against a series of rockets. As they fired, she made them miss everyone they targeted, proving that she truly did have this incredible ability. It was a special moment that gave gamers goosebumps.

3 The Crawl

There is so much happening near the end of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Several battles go on at once, all while Solid Snake has his life on the line away from the rest of the action. To save the world from a deadly virus, Snake had to cross through a microwave hallway.

That meant that a decrepit Snake crawled on his hands and knees as the room around him literally cooked him. It was an emotional struggle to watch as he nearly died. To add to it all, the split-screen showed everything else that was going on so you got a true sense of what was on the line.

2 Raiden Saves Snake

Raiden was one of the more disliked characters in the series. The bait and switch of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty caused that, as did some of his character traits. To rectify that, Raiden was turned into an awesome cyborg ninja for Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

His finest moment came when Snake was about to get run over by a ship driven by Liquid Ocelot. Raiden freed himself by cutting off his own arm. He then dragged himself over and stopped the ship with his powerful cyborg body. As he did so, players got flashbacks to some of his most emotional moments with Rose and some of his tragic backstory. It's enough to make you cry.

1 Fighting The Boss

It all came down to this in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. Snake finally had his showdown with The Boss. It was the most beautiful scene you could imagine, from the field of flowers where it took place to the fantastic score playing in the background. There's a lot of emotion in this one fight.

Then the epilogue came and only added to the way this affected us. It revealed that The Boss was never a traitor. She acted as a double agent who made the ultimate sacrifice of her life and her legacy for her country. It's impossible to see that ending and not have your heart crushed.

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