GR Pick: Metal Gear Solid Recreated in LEGO Worlds


For the sake of those unfamiliar with Warner Bros. Interactive and TT Games' LEGO Worlds, much like Minecraft, the title is an open world multiplayer sandbox experience that allows players to build and do almost anything their imagination can conceive. With this being the case, one truly talented fan has decided to recreate Hideo Kojima's stealth-action classic Metal Gear Solid within the LEGO construction simulator.

As seen in the video below from the YouTuber Bearly Regal, the LEGO Worlds maestro takes viewers through the set piece's completion, as the sandbox title's version of Solid Snake makes his way toward Metal Gear Solid's Shadow Moses compound by swimming underneath it and taking the service elevator to the grounds which hold the helipad. The attention to detail is quite fantastic, as every item is perfectly in place from the original MGS level, and Bearly Regal has even equipped the Snake stand-in with a tranquilizer gun.

Those interested in the process behind Bearly Regal's construction of Metal Gear Solid's Shadow Moses stage in LEGO Worlds would do well to check out a collection of images from the making-of over on their Imgur page. According to the YouTuber, the recreation of the area within TT Games' open world sandbox title was painstaking to say the least, with items on the exterior of the complex–the helicopter and cargo truck, for instance–needing extra attention and care.

Although the building of Metal Gear Solid's Shadow Moses took a long time to craft, it ultimately paid off in the end, for not only is the project a marvel to behold, but also it ended up catching the the eye of MGS creator Hideo Kojima. As it happens, Bearly Regal sent Kojima a link to the LEGO Worlds build through Twitter, which prompted the series founder to retweet it on his personal Twitter account.

Taking all of this into consideration, since LEGO Worlds came out not too long ago–it debuted on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One at the beginning of March–Bearly Regal's recreation of Metal Gear Solid's Shadow Moses in the title is impressive, if only due to the turnaround it took for him to complete the project. Without a doubt, it will be interesting to see what other intricately crafted homages to other games get built within the multiplayer sandbox release.

Metal Gear Solid is available for the original PlayStation, while LEGO Worlds is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, and is planned to have a version for Nintendo Switch as well.

Source: Bearly Regal – YouTube, Imgur

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