Both The Elder Scrolls and Metal Gear series play host to a character named Gray Fox, but only the latter series has the character donning a sleek robotic helmet. The Gray Fox from Metal Gear is a formidable sword-wielding mercenary who fights Snake on multiple occasions, and his sleek-looking helm has garnered Frank ‘Gray Fox’  Jaeger a fair share of fans.

A man who goes by the online pseudonym of Diegator007 is one such fan, and he just recently finished creating a highly-polished functional replica of the Gray Fox helmet, complete with lights and a chin-controlled robotic switch.

The replica helmet certainly looks the part, but the fact that a chin switch allows the user to control when the helmet opens up brings this piece of cosplay straight to the top tier of fan-made content.  Not one to hog the glory for himself, Diegator007 has offered a CAD printing of the helmet’s final assembly on Etsy so that other dedicated fans could tackle the task as well. While he also has an attached body suit to go in tandem with the helmet, he’s currently working on a completely redone version – though no news on if that will have hidden animatronics too.

Gamers can take a look at the impressive helmet in the Instagram post below:

The last few weeks have been chock full of fan-friendly Metal Gear content, ranging from a superb codec wedding message to a rather out-of-the-box modification which allows Norman Reedus and Hideo Kojima to dance together in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. Unlike either of those previous fan-made items, however, the Gray Fox helmet is the only one that most fans could attempt to make for themselves- though that isn’t to say this is an easy build.

It’s not currently known when Diagator007 will complete his entire costume, but for the time being he’s certainly cosplay-ready from the neck up. Some of his Instagram posts reveal that he attends Sakura-Con in Seattle, so gamers in the area should keep an eye out for a high-quality Gray Fox at next year’s convention. That being said, Diegator007 has also dressed up as Genos from One Punch Man and Gendo Ikari from Evanglion in recent times, so perhaps by 2018 he’ll have moved on to yet another costume.

What do you think about the Gray Fox helmet, Ranters?

Source: Instagram