One of last night’s largest announcements during the Tokyo Game Show’s 2017 PlayStation press conference was Square Enix’s Left Alive. While the game was announced with only a short and simple teaser trailer, details regarding the game’s creators and gameplay have driven excitement over the announcement. Left Alive is described as a Front Mission successor, a survival action shooter with mechs, made by the producer behind the popular Armored Core franchise.

Left Alive will be directed by Toshifumi Nabeshima, now working for Square Enix after years producing the Armored Core franchise at From Software. Joining him will be character and concept artist Yoji Shinkawa, well known for his work on the Metal Gear and Zone of the Enders franchises. Shinkawa will pair well with mech designer Takayuki Yanase of Mobile Suit Gundam 00 and Xenoblade Chronicles X fame. It’s a mech game dream team working on Left Alive.

Left Alive‘s gameplay remains somewhat mysterious. While described as a survival action shooter, its Front Mission inspirations imply tactical gameplay as well. And the Armored Core franchise, where director Nebeshima’s experience lies, is as much a mech simulation experience as it is full-on shooter. It seems like Left Alive is positioned to be a much more action-focused title, but don’t be surprised if strategy and tactics are more involved than is immediately apparent.

The short Left Alive teaser trailer doesn’t provide any answers to the myriad questions early fans have. A hallway is shown slowly being destroyed with heavy firepower, followed by a cutaway shot of helicopters carrying mechs into the distance. The city shown in the background has been completely destroyed, with plumes of smoke rising as snow falls from the sky. A lot is left to the imagination by the short teaser.

Will players ultimately end up as survivors within that war-torn snowy city? Will players get to take their own mechs and destroy parts of what’s left standing? Or will players spend as much or more time out of their mechs as in them? All is uncertain and until Square Enix shares more details, Left Alive remains shrouded in mystery.

Left Alive releases in 2018 for the PC and PS4.