Metal Gear Solid 5 Mod Results in Awkward Cutscenes

By | 1 year ago 

Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid has always been a franchise that prides itself on balancing the serious and the strange. One minute, players will be confronted with a monologue concerning the ramifications of war, and then they might find themselves fighting giant chicken-leg robots that moo.

While Kojima’s departure from Konami wasn’t under the best of terms, the famed developer didn’t lead internal issues stop him from making the best Metal Gear Solid game that he could. That means the title has plenty of Kojima touches such as tragic backstories, flawed characters, and the occasional dog humping.

But it turns out that modders for Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain have found a way to outdo Kojima’s weirdness. While poking around in the code of the PC port of Metal Gear Solid 5, these modders found that it was quite easy to take the model of one character and swap it with the model of another.

This is fairly common, and modders have previously used this model swap technique to introduce new playable characters into the game, such as when Batman’s loyal butler Alfred was made into a playable character in Arkham Knight. But more intrepid modders realized this swapping technique could be utilized with hilarious results.

While Kojima and crew have previously come under fire for creating the hyper sexualized sniper Quiet, it turns out that she has the potential to turn comedy gold when swapped with Revolver Ocelot. Sure, when Quiet slithers around the deck in the rain, it’s meant to be sexy. But with a couple changes in the game’s code, Revolver Ocelot takes her place and the scene becomes hilarious.

It has also been discovered that this swapping technique is not only applicable to human characters. Modders quickly got to work bringing the knife-wielding hound D-Dog in on the action. The same “Quiet frolicking in the rain” scene becomes 100% funnier/terrifying when D-Dog is given bendy human limbs. Alternatively, human characters can be swapped with D-Dog, leading to a memorable scene where a legless Revolver Ocelot greets Big Boss with a spirited humping.

Reviews for Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain have been overwhelmingly positive, and its easy to understand why. But this simple swapping technique allows fans to step back from all the doom and gloom of the game by watching an old man attempt to take a sexy shower. If anything, by switching Quite and Ocelot, this mod will allow plenty of fans to realize their fan fiction. Konami has announced plans to continue the Metal Gear Solid series sans Kojima, but it will be hard to top this mod.

Source: Kotaku