Metal Gear Solid 5 Multiplayer Character Customization Details Revealed

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With about a month and a half left to go before Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain releases, fans of Hideo Kojima’s epic franchise should expect nothing less than the best in terms of stealth and tactical espionage action. As a matter of fact, with an extended gameplay trailer showing different ways in which gamers can approach missions, long-time players of the series ought to remain immersed in Metal Gear Sold 5: The Phantom Pain for many months to come after it drops.

In addition to MGS5‘s main campaign, fans will also be treated to a cooperative multiplayer component of the game known as Metal Gear Online 3. As previously reported, the new feature will allow gamers to use a variety of skins while playing, such as Ocelot, Snake, and some generic mercenaries. Also, current-gen versions of the title supports up to 16 players in stealth-oriented multiplayer battles, while older iterations—specifically PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 copieswill only allow a maximum of 12 combatants in a single match.

Now, thanks to a recent Q&A session proctored by Metal Gear Solid 5‘s developer Konami via Twitter, new information regarding items and gear in Metal Gear Online 3 has surfaced. For instance, Konami made particular note of the ways that players can customize and change their equipment in matches. To be specific, gamers will be able to alter the patterns and colors on attire and other paraphernalia to suit their style. Plus, the gear will have varying appearances when it comes to different multiplayer classes.

Metal Gear Solid 5 Multiplayer Character Customization Details Revealed

As far as fresh intel for Metal Gear Online 3 goes, a comprehensive list of what the developer revealed is as follows:

• Gear doesn’t affect player stats.
• Patterns cannot be designed by the player, but there are several to choose from.
• There aren’t “presets” for gearthere are categories for different body parts, such as specific gear for legs, arms, etc.
• There is no Metal Gear Solid 4 gear in the game.
• Some items are class specific.
• Players cannot unlock gear via MGS 5‘s single-player mode.
• Gear cannot be changed within matches.

With a bevy of content for fans of the franchise to delve into, it seems as if The Phantom Pain is the most ambitious installment of the Metal Gear Solid series yet. However, it remains to be seen if the contentious relationship between the game’s creator Hideo Kojima and Konami will have a detrimental effect on the final product. If anything, an even clearer idea of what can be expected from Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain should come into focus after people experience its playable demo at gamescom 2015 in August.

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain is set to launch on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on September 1, and on September 15 for PC.

Source: Twitter (via GameSpot)