Metal Gear Solid 5 Has Shipped 5 Million Copies

By | 12 months ago 

Konami reveals that Metal Gear Solid 5 shipped 5 million units within a month of its launch, and that the company’s revenue is up by over $50 million.

Metal Gear Solid 5: A Phantom Pain is one highly-talked about game. Likely to be the last ever Metal Gear Solid title from Hideo Kojima (Kojima left the game’s publisher Konami/opted to take an extended vacation after a rocky few months), it reviewed incredibly well and it was recently revealed that the game had raked in $179 million in global sales within 24 hours of being released. That’s certainly impressive but what remained unclear is just how many copies Konami had shipped.

In the company’s latest financial report, Konami reveals that Metal Gear Solid 5 has now shipped 5 million copies. Shipped is different to sold as it includes copies of the game that may still be on store shelves, as well as those that have been sold to people, but the figure is still impressive nonetheless. Konami will also be glad as it shows that demand for the new game is incredibly high, even despite the recent controversies including Metal Gear Online‘s server issues as well as the microtransactions which many players weren’t happy with.

Metal Gear Solid V Super Secret Cutscene

As for the rest of Konami’s gaming profits, the company had positive numbers to report there too. Overall, Konami’s Digital Entertainment sector made 51.7 billion yen in revenue ($280 million) during the six month period that ended on September 30, which was an increase from the 44 billion yen revenue the year before. Konami’s profit from this was 7.8 billion yen ($64 million) which is almost twice as much profit as the previous year. Along with Metal Gear Solid 5, Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 also contributed to the figures but the company chose not to disclose sales figures for its popular soccer sim.

So what does this mean for the future of Konami’s flagship franchises? While the company refuted a report that alleged that it had ceased all development of console titles and would not release a new one until 2017 at the earliest, few people could blame them if that was the case. In Konami’s financial report, the publisher noted that (mobile game) Jikkyou Pawafuru Puroyakyu had been downloaded 17 million times in a year and its Pachislot and Pachinko machine business saw a 19% revenue increase. It may be disheartening for fans of Konami’s console games but from a business standpoint, it would make sense if the company tried to minimize risk and maximize its profits in this way.

Source: Konami