Metal Gear Solid 5 Guide: How to Get the Hand of Jehuty

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Although the Metal Gear Solid has always had a goofy sensibility to it, by and large the franchise has tried to keep a lot of its core gameplay mechanics grounded. The stealth gameplay in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, for example, is easily some of the best we’ve ever seen – read our review – offering players numerous options and tactical gadgets. However, after a certain point, things start to take some small steps into the realm of the impossible.

See, as players progress through Metal Gear Solid 5, they gain access to better gadgets, many of which start to step outside the boundaries of realism. There’s the Fulton Wormhole upgrade, for example, which lets players extract items through a rift in spacetime, doing away with any considerations for ceilings.

What is the Hand of Jehuty

Then there’s the Hand of Jehuty, a late-game Metal Gear Solid 5 gadget that will prove instrumental in players’ success, provided they unlock it. Yes, the modification for Big Boss’ robotic hand has little basis in reality, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less fun to use.

In its basic form, the Hand of Jehuty lets players grab enemies and pull them in their direction, kind of like Scorpion’s ‘Get Over Here’ move in Mortal Kombat. The only difference here is that the Hand of Jehuty teleports the enemy from point A to point B, instead of literally grabbing and pulling them.

Metal Gear Solid 5 Legendary Ibis Map

That may not sound too useful, but later in Metal Gear Solid 5 it becomes a huge boon. Since many of the enemies start wearing thick armor that blocks tranquilizer darts, the Hand of Jehuty lets players grab them and knock them out, while keeping some distance. Granted, the Hand of Jehuty still requires getting closer than a tranq sniper would, but it’s better than sneaking all the way up to an enemy.

How to Unlock the Hand of Jehuty

To unlock the Hand of Jehuty, Metal Gear Solid 5 players will need to progress through Episode 31, which is the end of Chapter 1 in the game. After that, the game should unlock a Side Ops mission titled ‘Capture the Legendary Ibis’ that tasks players with extracting a rare bird. NOTE: if the Side Ops is not available then complete a few active Side Ops and it should unlock. For some reason, the Side Ops list can only hold a certain number of missions at a time.

After extracting the Ibis, all players will need is an R&D level of 28, 128 Precious Metal pieces, and 340,000 GMP. Spend that and wait the development time, and the Hand of Jehuty is yours to play around with. There’s also an upgraded version of the Hand of Jehuty available that lets players grab enemies from even further away. We highly recommend it.

Have you got the Hand of Jehuty in Metal Gear Solid 5? Do you use the gadget often?